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Flatlock Stitch on Baby Clothing

Flatlock Stitch on Baby Clothing

Anyang Truwor Baby Clothing

As we know, infants and toddlers’ skin is delicate and poorly adaptable to the external environment, so the choice of infant clothing is very hard for every mother. Mothers usually choose pure cotton for their baby to protect their skin from sensitivity and health. Nowadays, baby clothes are also beginning to adopt the flatlock sewing process of some high-end underwear. Let's take a look at how flatlock sewing stitch can be applied to baby clothes step by step.


What is flatlock sewing stitch? Did you get some baby clothing with this flatlock stitch ?

Flatlock stitch is a kind of four needles six threads stitch sewing,which upper thread line is a four-thread. It consists of four upper threads, one bottom thread and one stretcher. The joints are not so thick. The seams are firm, the trimming edges are neat and no sewing edging, the stitches are beautiful, the movement is dynamic, and the perfect stitching can be done in multiple steps. The four stitches and six threads have the advantages of being beautiful, straight and similar, and are widely used in infant clothes, high-grade. Sportswear, yoga wear, workout clothes, underwear, underwear, etc.


Four needles six threads stitch makes baby clothing seam flat and seamless,which makes babies feel comfortable and avoid skin allergy caused by friction.Babies move happily. A healthy and active baby will be around mums .So more and more mums choose the seamless clothing for their babies.


Anyang Truwor Baby Clothing manufacture more and more flatlock stitch baby clothing for babies.If you want to be a flatlock stitch baby clothes wholesale or put this flatlock stitch in your fashion brand,please feel free to contact us :


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